Experience CBD Vape Oil! But why vape CBD? Could it be better for you?

Today there are many different ways to get your daily dose of CBD. CBD products are everywhere and range from oils that are dripped under the tongue to edible candy and even smoke-ables. The possibilities are endless, so what is best? Taking CBD in different forms can drastically alter its effects, even when the same dosage was taken from each product. We’ll explain: When ingested the CBD passes through your gut and liver before it enters the blood circulation in [...]


CBD OIL with Terpenes! But why Terpenes?

We have added Terpenes to many of our products especially in the CBD Hemp Oil. The Terpenes are from organic Cannabis and give our CBD products an added natural aroma and taste which is pleasurable. But, this is not the only reason that Terpenes are in our CBD Oils and waxes. Terpenes, are being tested by scientists around the world every day for their medicinal benefits. Aside from aiding in the delivery of CBD to the body, medical benefits [...]


CBD Potion Lotion Topical Body Cream a big hit!

We’ve launched our first topical CBD body cream a month ago and took it along with us to 2 trade shows. This product was an instant hit as it gives you instant relief of pain. We are now launching our CBD Potion Lotion cream for sale online at experiencecbd.com. The CBD Potion Lotion has been engineered to create a CBD lotion that is soluble when in contact with the skin and quickly penetrates and absorbs in the skin and beneath. [...]



Just in: 1 gram containers of our best dab crumble with natural terpenes added for affect, delivery of CBD, aroma, and flavor. Comes in 5 different Terpene options which include: Maui Wowie, Sour Skunk, Amnesia Haze, White Rhino, and Lavender OG. Contains 450 mg of CBD per 1 gram container and 3 drops of natural terpenes per gram. Thats a lot, but its what gives this product its awesome flavor and aroma.


New Product: Full Spectrum Vape Oil 2000mg

Just in: 30ml bottles of Full spectrum vape oil. This vape oil is made of the entire Cannabis Sativa L plant. The strain of cannabis used has been bred to contain strong levels of CBD and virtually no (less than 0.03%) THC. This oil contains the full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and natural terpenes that assist in the delivery and effects of the CBD. Natural Terpenes in the product give this vape oil a pleasurable taste.


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