Can CBD Help Combat Obesity?

by Nathan Mackowiak on March 30, 2021

Experience CBD Obesity Blog Post

The market for healthcare supplements designed to promote or aid in weight loss is staggering. There are too many options and even more unfounded claims. Interesting research has been emerging that suggests that CBD could potentially help with weight loss efforts. You should be wary of any product that guarantees weight loss results. In fact, CBD is not necessarily going to make you lose weight, but it could potentially be helpful in reducing weight and combating obesity when combined with other healthy habits. 

The key to almost every weight related supplement, meal plan, etc is doing it in part with other healthy habits like exercise and a full night of sleep. Keep that in mind while we discuss the potential benefits CBD can have for weight loss. This is not a weight loss supplement, but it can be used in part with other healthy lifestyle choices to potentially help you lose weight. Let’s take a closer look.

CBD May Boost Metabolism 

Recent studies have shown that CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain might play a critical function in metabolism and food intake. CBD interacts with both of these receptors in the brain and could potentially lead to a boost in your metabolism and a reduction in your food intake. Both of these things would facilitate weight loss. 

These studies featured lab rats who were injected with CBD. These rats saw a reduction in food intake, an increase in metabolism, and an overall reduction in their body weight. It is important to note that the rats in the study were injected with CBD, and did not take it orally. Does this methodology affect the end results? Researchers are not sure yet. These early studies are exciting, and highlight another potential benefit of CBD. However, they are just early studies and they should be taken with a grain of salt. CBD has a lot of potential, but medical researchers are not positive it will affect weight in humans. 

CBD May Help Brown Fat

The human body has two types of fat, white and brown. White fat is associated with chronic illness and heart disease. It is the most common type of fat in the body. White fat cushions the organs and is responsible for energy production etc. Brown fat is used to keep the body warm. Researchers have found the healthier people tend to have higher levels of brown fat than unhealthy people. 

Additional studies have found that CBD could help the body convert some of its white fat to brown fat. No tests have been done on humans so it is important to take this data in context. White fat is also converted to brown fat through healthy diet, exercise, and other healthy habits. 

Quality CBD Products

If you’re interested in CBD, you’ll want to find quality CBD products to purchase. In a crowded marketplace it can be hard to determine which products are reliable. That is why all Experience CBD products are lab-tested to ensure quality. We make all of our data available to our customers so that they can shop with confidence. Find your next favorite CBD oil, CBD gummy, cream, or edible product here. 


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