Can CBD Help My Arthritis Pain?

by Hunter Stevenson on March 02, 2021

Can CBD Help My Arthritis Pain?

According to the CDC, 22.7% of adults today are experiencing diagnosed Arthritis of some kind. Present in nearly every type of Arthritis are symptoms involving chronic pain. Since 2016, CBD has been hailed for it's relieving properties, which help consumers deal with all types of chronic conditions. But can it help with the Arthritis symptoms that plague so many of us? Read more to see what we've sorted through the facts of the matter.


It is important to note that while laboratory studies suggest CBD may be a promising approach in relieving chronic pain, specific studies demonstrating the safety and effects of CBD use for arthritis pain do not yet exist. Even today, a lot of evidence about the effects of CBD are anecdotal, or testimonial. This means that while some users experience a great deal of relief from using CBD products, others may not. However, we can look at what we know about arthritis, as well as CBD, and connect some dots from there.

Arthritis and CBD

The Mayo Clinic characterizes arthritis as swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints. Research suggests CBD is able to reduce inflammation by affecting your body's Endocannabinoid receptors. In Fact, a recent study by the European Journal of Pain demonstrated that CBD applied to the skin of rats was able to reduce inflammation due to osteoarthritis. Though the same results have yet to be scientifically documented in humans, the research is certainly promising. 


Topical applications of CBD, such as Experience CBD Healing Hemp Butter or CBD Potion Lotion, are hailed by consumers as a great method of mitigating chronic pain associated with Arthritis. However due to the lack of hard science, CBD should not be used as a primary means of relief (unless otherwise instructed by a health professional).


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