Can CBD Help Treat Parkinson’s Symptoms?

by Nathan Mackowiak on March 24, 2021

Can CBD help treat parkinson's?

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that causes pain, tremors, and in severe cases psychosis. This is a chronic condition with no known cure or effective treatment. Research into CBD as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s symptom relief is very limited. There is some research that has been conducted using cannabis, which contains CBD, to treat the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. 

While current research into CBD as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms is sparse, early data is promising. Let’s take a look at how CBD could potentially help ease some of the key symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. This information has not been thoroughly tested by medical professionals. If you suffer from Parkinson’s disease, speak with a doctor before you use CBD to treat any symptoms you may be experiencing. 


Pain is one of the worst symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. A recent study used medical marijuanna to see if that eased the pain of people suffering from Parkinson’s. Marijuanna contains CBD, and the people in this small-study felt improvement in terms of their pain levels. While this is the only Parkinson’s specific study, other research has shown that CBD has the potential to ease pain and reduce inflammation. 

Pain and inflammation are two things that people with Parkinson’s struggle with. While there is not a lot of medical research available that shows the benefits of CBD for Parkinson’s disease, there is more research available regarding the potential benefits of using CBD for pain relief. 


Many common Parkinson’s treatments cause body tremors and muscle spasms. There is little relief from these involuntary movements for people who suffer from Parkinson’s. There have not been a lot of studies done on the potential benefits of CBD for easing muscle tremors and spasms, but there have been a few that indicate CBD could be beneficial. 

Tremors and spasms are one of the Parkinson’s symptoms that makes it most difficult to try and lead a normal life. If these involuntary tremors could be eased, people could live fuller lives and not have to worry about being able to control their bodies. 


Pain and tremors can make getting a good night’s sleep all but impossible. CBD can potentially help people with Parkinson’s get better sleep. CBD has been shown to potentially aid in more restful sleep and combat insomnia. A good night of sleep can leave you feeling more energized and in a better mood. 

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