Can CBD Oil Help During Cold and Flu Season?

by Nathan Mackowiak on February 05, 2021

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Cold and flu season affects a lot of people every year, and this cold and flu season is unlike any other we have ever faced before thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Staying healthy during the cold and flu season has never been more important. You may be wondering if CBD oil could help you stay healthy and help combat cold and flu season, and the answer is yes. CBD could potentially help you during cold and flu season. 

CBD oil has many benefits. Let’s take a look at how these benefits can combine to help you stay healthy and active this cold and flu season. We are not a medical resource. Be sure to speak with your doctor about your health and risk this cold and flu season. 

CBD Oil May Help Reduce Your Stress Levels

What does stress have to do with the cold or flu? Stress has a lot to do with our body's immune system and our susceptibility to illness. When we are stressed our body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is extremely important to our body. This hormone helps our body combat disease and inflammation. 

When we are constantly put into stressful situations, the body becomes accustomed to the cortisol that continues to be released, making the cortisol less effective when needed to battle inflammation and disease. Prolonged stress can greatly reduce the effectiveness of our immune systems and make us more likely to get sick.

CBD oil could help combat stress. Research into CBD oil and stress and anxiety has all been very positive. Studies have shown that regular CBD use can help reduce the amount of stress we feel on a daily basis. CBD can also be very effective at lowering anxiety levels. Reducing stress is one of the first and most important steps to take when combating illness. CBD oil could be a great solution to helping you stay calm and healthy this cold and flu season. 

CBD is Packed Full of Nutritional Value 

CBD oil, derived from the hemp plant, is full of other vitamins and nutrients that could help strengthen the body. The unique combination of cannabinoids, nutrients, terpenes and other flavonoids found in CBD oil could help your body fight the cold and flu by strengthening your immune system. 

Healthy diet and lifestyle are two major ways to keep healthy during cold and flu season, and CBD oil is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. CBD oil is a great source of many beneficial vitamins and nutrients that you might not ingest otherwise. 

The Value of a Good Night Sleep

A lack of sleep can seriously hamper the effectiveness of our body’s immune system. If you’re sleeping poorly during cold and flu season, you are more susceptible to getting sick. Luckily, CBD oil could help you get a good and full night's sleep

If you’ve been struggling to get a solid night’s sleep, try CBD oil. CBD can help you finally fall and stay asleep. If you’re struggling to sleep, you need to try and rest for the sake of your health. 

CBD Oil and The Cold and Flu Season: Bottom Line

Cold and flu season is serious, and it is even more so this year with the COVID pandemic raging across the planet. CBD oil has a number of different benefits that can help you combat the cold and flu. Browse through our entire selection of CBD products, and find one that works best for you. 



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