Can CBD Relieve my Sunburn?

by Hunter Stevenson on May 05, 2021

Can CBD cream relieve sunburn?

It was gorgeous sunny and 86 yesterday in myrtle, so I went out to the boardwalk and took some product photos. After a couple hours of snapping away and enjoying the weather, I was quickly reminded of one of the most inconvenient hazards of coastal living...Sunburn. You'd think after living by the beach this long I would be prepared for that, but alas here I sit all red and irritated. Luckily for me we have a great selection of CBD topicals available here at Experience CBD, so I applied some Potion Lotion.

What Exactly is a Sunburn?

While doing some research for this post, I came across an article from Vice where they asked a dermatologist about CBD for skin relief. While discussing sunburns, Dr. Joyce Fox of Cedars Sinai Hospital said "[It’s] a delayed reaction to ultraviolet or infrared, at an excess if you’ve been in the sun too long, the mechanism of a sunburn is a release of inflammatory cells to kind of repair the skin. That’s why there’s increased sensitivity. There’s skin pressure and heat, swelling, and even blistering sometimes.” When you break it down like that, its easy to see why people would consider using CBD for relief. Though there is little to no scientific studies on the matter, the anti-inflammatory relief that CBD provides is one of its biggest driving factors in the marketplace. 

Did Potion Lotion Help?

Obviously, any personal experience (including mine) can only be taken as anecdotal. That said, Upon applying 1000mg potion lotion to my burns I did quickly experience a cooling relief, similar to what you would experience from applying Aloe Vera. After about an hour the burns did seem a little less red than before application, and I was definitely way more comfortable. It's important to note that our CBD Potion Lotion does also contain Aloe, so its fair to say that it could be the combination of both providing the relief. Either way, it definitely works for me!


It may not work any more or less than standard Aloe Vera, but our CBD Potion Lotion did provide very quick relief to my itchy sunburn. So if you're a fan of using this product for your skincare, or are a sunburn-prone pale person like me, try giving Potion Lotion a shot for your beach day relief!


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