Can Delta 8-THC Relieve Pain?

by Nathan Mackowiak on April 29, 2021

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We’re excited to bring Delta 8-THC products to our customers, and as part of our continued rollout, we are publishing information about the potential benefits associated with Delta 8-THC. If you’re familiar with Delta 8-THC, you will know that it is very similar in effect to its sibling Delta 9-THC the psychoactive part of marijuana. 

Medical marijuana has received extensive research and studies, and we know a lot about the different effects it can have on the human body. You might be wondering that if Delta 8-THC is so similar to Delta 9-THC does it also have pain relieving properties commonly associated with marijuana? In other words, can Delta 8-THC relieve pain?

Early research and first hand user accounts seem to indicate that Delta 8-THC potentially has pain relieving properties. It is important to note that Delta 8-THC has not been studied or even used as thoroughly as Delta 9-THC so there is still a lot of information that will be coming out in the coming years regarding the properties and benefits of Delta 8.

Available Studies on Delta 8-THC and Pain Relief

The most recent Delta 8-THC study into pain relief was released in 2018. In this study, researchers applied Delta 8-THC topically to mice. After application researchers noted that not only did the mice experience pain relief, but the areas that received Delta 8-THC also saw reduced inflammation as well. Researchers believe that this is due to Delta 8’s interaction with CB1 receptors. This is good information moving forward regarding the pain relieving qualities associated with Delta 8-THC.

There was an additional study done into the pain relieving effects of Delta 8-THC on rats. In this study, researchers also observed the positive pain relieving effects of Delta 8-THC when given to rats. Interestingly, the study found that over time rats developed a tolerance to the Delta 8-THC they were given. 

All of the initial information about Delta 8-THC and its pain relieving properties are positive. This information should be taken with a grain of salt considering that very little research has been done, but the early data is positive and you can’t ignore that. Delta 8-THC could potentially help relieve pain when used, but we will need to wait for more research and user accounts before we can proclaim pain relief as a benefit of Delta 8-THC conclusively. 

High Quality Delta 8-THC

We’re excited to bring Delta 8-THC products to our Experience CBD customers. Our products endure rigorous lab testing to ensure that our customers only get products of the highest quality. Browse our entire inventory of CBD and Delta 8-THC products, and continue to keep up with our blog. We will be posting more information about the potential benefits of Delta 8-THC in the coming weeks!




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