Can Delta 8-THC Stimulate Appetite?

by Nathan Mackowiak on May 06, 2021

Can Delta 8 help your eating habits?

Delta 8-THC has been making a lot of headlines lately because it offers a similar sensation found in the consumption of its more famous relative Delta 9-THC, the active cannabinoid in marijuana. One of the many things that marijuana does for users is stimulate appetite. 

If Delta 8-THC is so similar to Delta 9-THC, does it also stimulate appetite? Are there any medical studies done on the effect of Delta 8-THC on the appetite and the digestive system of the body? 

Delta 8-THC has been making people all over the country very excited. Let’s take a closer look at Delta 8-THC, its effect on the appetite, and see why everyone is so excited about the potential of Delta 8-THC.

Delta 8-THC and the Appetite  

User reports suggest that Delta 8-THC stimulates the appetite. People commonly say that they experience an increased appetite after using Delta 8-THC products. However, first hand accounts are often unreliable, and we can’t use them to definitively say that Delta 8-THC increases the appetite. 

Is there medical research out there that studies the relationship between Delta 8-THC and appetite? While Delta 8-THC products are taking the market by storm lately, there have been medical research experiments into Delta 8-THC going on for over 15 years. 

Let’s take a look at what they found.

Medical Research Into Delta 8-THC and the Appetite 

In 2004, medical researchers did a study on Delta 8-THC and appetite. In the study, they studied mice that had recently completed a weight loss program. Some of the mice were given Delta 8-THC and another group was not. 

The group of mice that received Delta 8-THC experienced an increase in appetite. However, that is not the only thing that this study found out about the effects of Delta 8-THC. Besides increased food consumption, researchers also noted an increase in cognitive function in the mice that received Delta 8-THC.

This is very exciting news because one of the main drawbacks associated with marijuana and Delta 9-THC is the negative cognitive effects it can have on users. Delta 8-THC can provide appetite stimulation without a decrease in cognitive abilities. 

Medical research into the effects of Delta 8-THC are ongoing. Medical researchers are learning more about the effects of Delta 8-THC everyday, and more exciting information is always coming out. Be sure to check back in to our blog. We will continue to share recent medical research and Delta 8-THC news there. 

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