CBD Oil in South Africa: Our Guide

by Experience CBD on July 02, 2019


Why is CBD Oil in South Africa Becoming Popular

As more and more people all around the world realize how valuable CBD oil can be, the more people want it. Some restrictions are applied to citizens depending on where they call “home”. Here at Experience CBD, we want you as the consumer to be able to order our amazing CBD oil from all around the globe, provided you live in a legal jurisdiction. Thankfully, within South Africa, there has been a shift in the tides and the government has decided to allow the sale and production of CBD oil to begin this year throughout the region. Read on to learn more about CBD oil in South Africa and how we at Experience CBD can help!


Reasons for CBD Oil’s Increase in Popularity in South Africa

When a country is suppressed from receiving a certain good or service where the rest of the world has relatively easy access to; the demand can become extreme. With this skyrocketing demand, the supply may still remain very low or zero altogether. With CBD oil in South Africa now becoming a regular thing, it’s important to reflect on the new rulings and appreciate the new freedoms granted to produce and consume such a valuable offering from Mother Nature.

Why South Africa is a Great New Market for CBD Oil

With any new market for a pre-existing product, there will be a great interest and if the residents of South Africa continue to partake; it’ll be a great time for all parties involved. Being pioneers in CBD oil is not easy, but it’s what we do. We’re pioneers in the quality of our CBD oil. We’re pioneers with our excellent customer service. We’re pioneers with our commitment to offering high-quality CBD products at relatively affordable prices. With this, we’re hoping to be one of the go-to choices for South African residents.

Choosing Experience CBD for Your CBD Oil in South Africa

If you’re located in South Africa and searching for CBD oil, you’ll want to browse through our shop and discover all we have to offer. You’ll surely find something which suits your needs and will have you on the fast-track to experiencing CBD for what it really is. We look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait to hear how much you enjoy our product and customer service!



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