CBD Oil in The Netherlands

by Experience CBD on March 12, 2019


CBD Oil in the Netherlands: Our Guide

As one of the leading pioneers in cannabis culture, The Netherlands has long been a destination for those who love the alternative health option of cannabis consumption. Whether it’s an edible, a tincture, or a simple joint to smoke on in a “coffeeshop”, The Netherlands has always been ahead of the curve with tolerance for one of the earth's most beloved plants. So where does that leave CBD oil? Well, we're glad you asked! Read on to learn more about why CBD oil is becoming a very popular option in The Netherlands, where the full-blown cannabis plant is widely available for consumers. Enjoy!

Is CBD Oil Legal in The Netherlands?

With the Dutch government, they’ve never fully legalized cannabis or any of its variants, but that does not mean you cannot choose to partake in consumption of said goods. The term they use in The Netherlands is “tolerance”. This means while yes, CBD oil is not technically legal in The Netherlands, it’s still not Illegal in the sense you’ll be in trouble with the law as they tolerate possession and consumption of cannabis and hemp products throughout the country. The Dutch government tends to turn a blind eye to cannabis and hemp products because they know as long as it’s generating tax revenue and nobody is hurt from the process, it’s a good thing for the Dutch economy overall. So in short, yes, you’re able to purchase and consume CBD products in The Netherlands. :)

CBD Vape Oil in The Netherlands

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Choosing Experience CBD for Your CBD Oil Products in Holland

If you’ve been searching for CBD oil in The Netherlands, you don’t have to search anymore as we have exactly what you need! Feel free to browse through our large array of CBD oils and CBD-infused products and you’ll surely find something which is “lekker” to you. Enjoy!


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