Does CBD Help Shrink Tumors?

by Nathan Mackowiak on April 15, 2021

Does CBD Help Shrink Tumors?

CBD has a ton of potential benefits including pain and anxiety relief, better sleep, and an enhanced appetite. Can CBD be used to treat tumors? Interestingly enough research is emerging that shows that CBD could potentially reduce tumor growth. Naturally, there is a ton of excitement surrounding this research. However, it needs to be noted that these studies are in their infancy. A lot more work needs to be done in order to verify the findings and learn more about what researchers are observing. 

That being said, there is a lot of exciting research being done into CBD and its effect on tumors. Let’s give you a quick overview of the research that is currently being done in this field.

CBD and Tumor Research 

There is growing evidence supporting the idea that CBD can affect and shrink the size of tumors. Additionally, research has also been finding that CBD may help enhance certain cancer treatments and make them more effective. 

A recent 2019 study, focused on pancreatic cancer, found that CBD can not only slow the growth of tumors, but it can also reduce tumor invasion and induce tumor cell death. While this initial research is very exciting, it needs to be noted that more research needs to be done on the effectiveness of different formulas, dosing, and the method of application. These are very important considerations that need to be studied and refined. 

Another study, also done in 2019, found that CBD could potentially induce glioblastoma cell death and make the cancer cells more sensitive to radiation without affecting surrounding healthy cells. 

These are just a few of the studies that are being done on CBD and tumor growth. While the early results are very promising and exciting, CBD has not been proven an effective method of cancer treatment in humans. You shouldn’t consider substituting CBD for traditional treatments of cancer. 

If you’re currently suffering from cancer and the side-effects of chemo or radiation therapy, CBD could potentially help ease your pain and reduce the anxiety that you feel. There are numerous other potential benefits to CBD use. If you’re interested in using CBD, you should speak with your doctor or a healthcare professional to see how CBD oil might be able to help you.

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