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3 CBD Treat Recipes

3 CBD Treat Recipes

Break out the pots and pans because we're about to do some cooking! If you are an avid CBD user, you have probably experimented with the idea of adding CBD to your favorite recipes. If not, here are some of our favorite drinks, sweets, and treats that can be made with CBD.
by Summer Kucky on October 02, 2020
Tired man napping on the working desk | Experience CBD

CBD To Get you Through The Work Day

Ever heard of the “afternoon slump?” It refers to a tired, sluggish feeling that you encounter in the afternoon between 1 pm and 3 pm. This feeling can occur when you are at work, at school, or just in general. Let's talk about how you can use CBD to help power through it. 
by Summer Kucky on September 17, 2020
CBD for Anxiety and Depression

CBD For Depression and Anxiety

Although still in its infancy, CBD has shown some positive conclusions to treating mental conditions such as anxiety and/or depression. There are so many CBD products out on the market today that could help manage pain and even promote restful nights. If you’re looking into using CBD for therapeutic purposes, it is important to understand that the research around CBD is limited. In this blog, we will discuss how CBD can be used to help treat depression and anxiety.
by Summer Kucky on September 07, 2020


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