Does Topical CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

by Alyssa Kennedy on July 10, 2019


Does Topical CBD Show Up On Drug Tests: The Short Answer

The short answer for the above question is “no.”. If you’re a user of CBD topical ointments, oils, lotions, etc…; you can rest assured you won’t have to deal with the negativity of not being able to secure the job offer you were given or pass the on-site drug test administered by your ongoing employer. The only caveat to this answer of whether or not you’ll test positive for a cannabis-focused drug test is if the supplier of said CBD oil is careless and does not test for purity with their product. What this means is sometimes the supposed 100% CBD broad spectrum oil may actually contain THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis which causes a “high” and will show up on drug tests. Here at Experience CBD, we go to great lengths to ensure our customers are only receiving exactly what they pay for and that is 100% pure CBD oil products. Read on to learn more about our processes to protect you, the consumer, from ingesting potentially illegal substances within your locale.

Maintaining Purity with Our CBD Oil Products

CBD oil is currently experiencing a boom of sorts within the alternative health industry and we know how many people have experienced less than stellar results and outcomes with supplements, vitamins, powders, oils, etc… We’re here to stop all of the negativity and promote a truly spectacular brand, Experience CBD, who truly cares about our customers from the moment they come across our website. This care for our customers extends to all aspects of our company and especially the actual CBD oil products themselves. All of us at Experience CBD regularly take our CBD oil products to provide relief in many forms for our various daily stressors, maintain our health, and promote an overall better lifestyle. We wouldn’t want anything but the purest form of CBD oil in our body, so we very regularly test our products to ensure compliance and purity with industry-standard regulations. This in turn helps everyone involved as we’re in this business for the long haul and want to maintain our awesome reputation as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality, exceptionally crafted, CBD oil.

How CBD Topical Lotion Can Be Used

If you’ve recently suffered some physical trauma, whether it be a bruise which won’t seem to go away, a painful bump from the sport of your choice, or simply a stiff neck from working at a computer all day long; you’ll find CBD lotions and topicals to provide the relief you’ve been seeking. CBD topicals work with your body, not against it, to provide relief in many forms and truly elevate you away from your pain while potentially promoting an inner healing within via reduction in inflammation and tension.

Choosing Experience CBD for Your Topical CBD Lotions & Skincare Products

When you’ve been searching and searching for a high-quality CBD topical provider, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Thankfully, here at Experience CBD, we have plenty of glowing reviews which demonstrate our commitment to quality products and customer service. Feel free to browse through our wide selection of CBD topicals, snacks, oils, etc… and be sure to let us know if you have any questions along the way. We look forward to helping you on every step of your journey towards experiencing CBD in its purest form.



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