Purple Pack Bundle

    Purple Pack Bundle


      Purple Pack Bundle

      Get all the essentials with the Purple Pack Bundle! Take a bath and relax with Rainforest CBD Bath Bomb! Apply Lavender Healing Hemp Butter to help ease those aches and pains afterwards. Then take CBD Softgels to seal the deal!

      Relax N’ Soak, CBD Bath Bombs, the ultimate relaxation-bath experience. An amazingly powerful bath bomb that lets you bathe in CBD-enriched water. Soak your body in a warm, therapeutic bath, containing 30mg of CBD per bath bomb. Indulge yourself in the colorful, silky water. Experience the wonderful benefits of CBD for your skin. These terrific bath bombs rejuvenate skin for a soft and moisturized feeling. The CBD inside will help relieve any inflammation, pain, or arthritis. THC Free!

      Use our Healing Hemp Butter for fast acting, natural pain relief. This product is a thick substance, and its scent is Lavender. Helps with chronic pain relief, arthritis, soothes inflammation, and more. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

      Recommended Use: Gently apply a small amount and rub into affect area.

      CBD softgels make taking CBD easy. Made using the finest CO2 extraction methods, these amazing Full Spectrum Softgels are packed with all of the beneficial Cannabinoids from hemp. A single Soft-gel, which is a full serving, contains over 25mg of CBD and varying amounts of other Cannabinoids. This product consists of 30 softgels and is a great alternative to using the full spectrum oils.

      **This bundle may contain Full Spectrum products. See disclaimer below for additional information** 

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      Full Spectrum Disclaimer
      Please be aware that this product is a Full Spectrum product, which contains less than 0.3% of THC. Look over Your State’s Legality before purchasing.
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