Tea Time Bundle
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    Tea Time Bundle

      Tea Time Bundle

      The perfect pair for a nice relaxing evening! Save more when you purchase the Tea Time Bundle, which contains one (1) Canna Bee Tea jar and one (1) CBD Honey Sticks jar. PLUS, exclusive Experience CBD merchandise only available with Bundle purchase!

      Sip away on a hot blend of Cannabinoid-Rich hemp flowers and Chamomile. These premium tea bags are filled with the freshest hemp flower buds that are packed with beneficial cannabinoids. This jar contains 3 tea bags, each infused with 30mg of CBD. Canna Bee Tea is a Broad-Spectrum hemp blend with high levels of Cannabinoids and virtually 0% THC content. Get MORE out of your tea! Drink the Canna Bee!

      Enjoy the sweet taste of honey while getting all the benefits of CBD in one small serving stick. The package comes with 25 sticks of honey infused with 10mg of CBD each.

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