CBD Vape Cartridges - 350mg - Trainwreck
CBD Vape Cartridges - 350mg - Blue Dream
CBD Vape Cartridges - 350mg - GG #4
CBD Vape Cartridges - 350mg - Girl Scout Cookies
CBD Vape Cartridges - 350mg - Pineapple Express
CBD Vape Cartridges - 350mg - Sour Diesel
CBD Vape Cartridges - 350mg - OG Kush

    CBD Vape Cartridges (350mg)


      CBD Vape Cartridges

      Take Your Vape Experience to a new level with CBD Vape Cartridges! Each vape cartridge is infused with 350 milligrams of high quality, broad spectrum CBD and is 100% THC FREE / ND THC (Non-detectable levels of THC). The vape liquid within the CBD vape cartridges is 100% vegan and is packed with all of the beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant (CBC, CBG, CBN, etc.) Made using CO2 extraction and mature hemp flowers, our CBD vape cartridges contain no harsh chemicals or GMOs. Vaping/inhaling CBD is one of the most effective and fastest ways to start feeling the relaxing effects and soothing benefits of CBD.

      Choose from 7 different strains: 

      • 350mg / Trainwreck
      • 350mg / Blue Dream
      • 350mg / Sour Diesel
      • 350mg / GG #4
      • 350mg / Pineapple Express
      • 350mg / Girl Scout Cookies
      • 350mg / OG Kush

      Recommended Use: Depending on your body type and prior use with CBD, we recommend starting with one to three 3-second draws. If you are a first-time CBD user, start with one 3-second draw and see how your body reacts to CBD before increasing your doses. 

      To use, screw on the CBD vape cartridge to our 650mAH battery (Compatible with any 510 thread e-cig batteries.) and voilà! You are ready to start enjoying our high-quality CBD. 

      After attaching your CBD cartridge to the battery, be sure to pre-heat coil before use.

      Also available in a CBD Vape Bundle, check it out!

      GMP certified and made in the USA.




      Product Details

      Item NET Weight: 0.6 oz 

      SKU: Trainwreck: 350VCTW

                Pineapple Express: 350VCPE

                OG Kush: 350VCOGK

                Blue Dream: 350VCBD

                GG #4: 350VCGG

                Girl Scout Cookie: 350VCGSC

                Sour Diesel: 350VCSD

      GTIN/UPC: Trainwreck: 810012400527

                          Pineapple Express: 810012400558

                          OG Kush: 810012400541

                          Blue Dream: 850183008030

                          GG #4: 810012400534

                          Girl Scout Cookie: 810012400619

                          Sour Diesel: 850183008887

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