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testimonial and question

used 15mg edible for the first time last night. Have Parkinson’s. is there a residual impact because I have less tremors all the following day?!?!?! did not expect such a long reaction.
Feels wonderful!
The edible tastes great and if my reaction holds up into the next days I will be your most devoted customer.

doris arruda

Full Spectrum Oil with Terpenes 1500MG

So far one of the best CBD oils that I’ve used. I have been through 3 others but they where not full spectrum. You can buy other products for stress and anxiety but this CBD oil product not only helps me with that is also helps with my chronic back pain unlike any other products that I’ve used so far. Its been right at a week and with 3-4 drops twice a day helps with what I said before stress, anxiety, and now my chronic back pains feel better through out the day. As well as helping me get myself into a better sleeping routine which I struggle with a lot since I have sleep apnea. So hopefully it continues to work great for me and ends my back pain for good. Real great customer service as well. You need to know anything about their products contract them right through facebook message and the responds time is pretty fast normally less than an hour but with me it was only a few minutes the last few time. Thank You for making such a great product and helping my life turn around for the time being and hopefully continues in the future. Thank You once more from Missouri.

Bryan Bradley

Gummies Rock!

I use the 180mg gummies. Helps me sleep and relieves anxiety.

Mikey Bernabe

How CBD Has Helped Me

i have social anxiety. i cant really talk to people. i have panic attackes even at work. ive gotten to the point i dont ever wanna leave my house. the CBD treatments bring me back down to earth everyday

Talon Lynch

Potion Lotion To The Rescue!

I was having bad ankle pain for 2 weeks…. I go to the gym almost every day and was having to favor it. I used the potion lotion in evening and next morning could do anything at the gym without pain!

Jerilyn Robbins-Milford

Gummies Saved Me!

I used to experience a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. I started eating your gummies and they stopped dead in their tracks. Thank you !!!!

Jason Singiser

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