Boosting Your Fitness Game With CBD

by Nathan Mackowiak on January 22, 2021

CBD Topicals

One of the most common new years resolutions is to hit the gym and lose weight. Whether you are looking to lose 5lbs, 10lbs, or 15lbs, obtaining your ideal body type takes time, commitment, hard work and discipline. You may encounter many hurdles along the way to achieving your "perfect" look such as injury, stress, inflammation, and fatigue, but don't let go of your dream just yet! In this blog, we will discuss how CBD may help eliminate some of your pains and help recover your body faster so that you can work harder and reach your fitness goals. 

Reducing Inflammation

CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. It may help your muscles recover from the any damage you may have caused after a vigorous workout. The intensity at which you perform your workouts can greatly affect your body throughout the day, week and months to come. CBD has shown to help with both acute inflammation as well as chronic inflammation by reacting with your body's endocanabinoid receptors. This is one of the many potential benefits of CBD, and it goes to show, when used correctly, it can make a great deal of difference in your overall workout regimen.

Aiding In Muscle Recovery

It all boils down to the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD possesses to help move along the recovery process. When you put your body through a rigorous workout, you can cause tiny tears in the muscle tissue that will trigger the inflammation. When these tears happen, your body will immediately start working to repair them, thus making the muscle stronger.  

This process of tearing and recovery is totally normal and is what leads to the "gains" that you see in your workouts. However, when these tears go too far they can cause serious damage to the muscle. For recovery from such difficult workouts, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil may be helpful in reducing the damage.


Improving Performance

Many CBD users have reported that CBD has helped  enhance their workout routines. While this is extremely optimistic, there is little research to prove that CBD is the main cause for an enhanced performance. With that being said, research has confirmed that CBD may help to reduce pain and inflammation which can result in a faster recovery. This may help you work out for longer periods of time, thus giving you an enhanced performance. 

What CBD Products Are Best? 

When choosing a CBD product, keep in mind the type of pain you are having as well as the over all level of pain you are in. There are two main CBD Products that we recommend using for this type of pain relief, CBD Topicals and CBD Oils . CBD topicals penetrate the skin to provide targeted relief, without entering the bloodstream, making them ideal for targeting specific problem. If you are looking for fast acting relief, the CBD oil is your best bet. It may give you immediate pain relief from more extreme pain.



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