What is the difference between using medicinal marijuana products and CBD?

There is a big difference between medicinal marijuana products and CBD products because of the amount of THC levels it contains. THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive compound of cannabis that produces a “high” for the consumer. Medicinal marijuana products contain high levels of THC which is why users feel a “high” when consuming. CBD, on the other hand, is made from Hemp. Hemp comes from the same plant as marijuana – Cannabis, although it contains minuscule amounts or NO THC, therefore, will not provide the consumer with any kind of psychoactive effect. CBD may be very relieving but does not give a “high” and is safe to use with children, animals, and elderly people.


Does CBD have a negative interaction with other medications?

No, studies have found that CBD products do not interfere negatively with prescription or OTC medications. On the contrary, CBD inhibits enzymes, much like grapefruit, that help metabolize many drugs. CBD may also increase the effect of drugs so it is always recommended to visit a physician to monitor blood levels while taking CBD with other medications.


How much CBD should users take per dose?

CBD can be effective at a wide range of doses. There is no standard dosage that is right for everyone. Users should begin with a small dose and slowly increase the dosage as they feel necessary. A few small doses over the course of the day is preferred over one big dose. Our suggestion is to take a dose every 4 hours if using the oils or as directed on all of our other products. Getting to the optimal dose of CBD will require users some trial and error.


Is CBD safe for pets?

Yes, as it is for humans, pets may consume CBD oil for anxiety relief and other disorders. Experience CBD also offers a line of dog treats under the name “CBDrool - Dog Treats”.


Will I fail a drug test if using CBD?

The answer depends on the product that you are using. Most of our products are completely THC FREE and therefore users would not fail a drug test. However, there are “FULL SPECTRUM” products on our website that do contain minuscule amounts of THC (<0.3%), this small amount of THC cannot get users high but may make them fail a drug test if tested for THC because of trace amounts found in the product. All of our full spectrum products are noted with a disclaimer of this.


How can I use CBD?

There are four different ways to use CBD which include: Inhalation, Topical Application, Sublingual, or ingestion. Experience CBD offers products for all of these different application methods.


Can CBD products be purchased anywhere in the United States?

Experience CBD offers a wide range of hemp products that are completely THC FREE, most items can be purchased anywhere in the United States. Some states may have laws regarding “Full Spectrum” products which contain less than 0.3% THC, in this case buyers will have to check their state laws regarding CBD.


Can CBD be used by children? Is it safe for Kids?

CBD products have been proven effective and safe in kids. The full line of Experience CBD products may be used by children under supervision and consent of their parents and after getting medical advice from a care professional.


How long does it take CBD to work?

Generally, CBD will take effect within 20-40 minutes. Vaping CBD will take effect much faster as it does not have to go through the liver.


Does CBD have any side effects and what happens if you take too much?

CBD is generally well tolerated and safe. It has very few negative side effects. However, it may cause adverse reactions in some people including:Nausea, Vomiting, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Changes in Appetite, and Diarrhea.It is possible to take “too much” CBD which will generally result in drowsiness and lethargy. CBD does not negatively interact with breathing or heart rate.