Can I Get Addicted to CBD?

by Nathan Mackowiak on February 17, 2021

Can I Get Addicted to CBD?

Recently, content outlining the practical uses and benefits of CBD use have been everywhere, but it can be hard to understand what is medical science and what is simply anecdotal accounts. You’ve probably heard that CBD is derived from the hemp plant, and that it sometimes contains minute traces of THC. This may lead you to wonder, can I get addicted to CBD?

We understand the concern that you may have, and we are here to help guide you to sound, factual, medical research and evidence that will help answer this question for you. If you’re new to CBD or just concerned that it could be an addictive substance, keep reading to get the facts you need to know.

Is CBD addictive?

The simple answer is no. CBD is not an addictive substance as outlined by this report from the World Health Organization that states, “...CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” If you are concerned that you may get addicted to CBD, you can rest easy knowing that CBD indicates no patterns of abuse of dependence. 

Simply put, CBD is not addictive. There is even research being conducted into the potential health benefits of CBD use by esteemed institutions like Harvard. As with any CBD product, you should take CBD oil as directed and not overuse these products. 

If you are worried about yourself or someone you love forming a dependence on CBD oil, the research indicates that this is not a problem. 

Is CBD safe?

The FDA does not regulate CBD products since they are often labelled as supplements. CBD is safe to use, but you never know what quality the product you are buying is. You should only buy CBD oil and other CBD products from a reputable vendor that you trust. 

If you’re unsure whether or not to trust an online retailer, check their website to see if they offer lab results for their products. A lot of vendors will post their third-party lab results of their CBD products to give consumers confidence and offer a transparent review of what is in their products. 

It is important to trust the business that you buy your CBD products from. You can review any CBD product on our website, and view lab results for each one as well. If you want more information about CBD read our blog and stay tuned for the latest information regarding CBD and CBD products. 



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