Cooking With CBD: Do's and Dont's

by Hunter Stevenson on April 02, 2021


So you like to kick it in the kitchen? We do too! One of the byproducts of the CBD Boom was the rise of CBD Infused cooking. Food related video content has always been popular on social media, and this lended itself to creative chefs eager to share their infused recipes. Below we'll look at which type of CBD you should cook with, how much to use, and what type of ingredients you should infuse. 

High-Quality CBD Oil

The easiest way to infuse CBD into your food and beverages is high-quality water soluble CBD Oil. In addition to combining with ingredients more easily, you can tailor the dosage of CBD in the recipe to your specific requirements. A clean high-quality product like the ones we carry at are easily the most efficient & consistent way to cook with CBD.

Small Batches at Low Temperatures

Whatever type of dish you're cooking, it's important to not use high temperatures to prepare an infused dish. If cooked at a high temperature CBD oil will not retain its cannabinoid profile, and thus result in a loss of the benefits we seek from CBD. It's also important to begin your foray into infused cooking with small batches. This allows dosage to be easily gauged, and perfected. 

Fat-Based Ingredients

Cannabinoids mix most efficiently with fat-based and oil-base ingredients, which is why one of the most common ingredients to infuse with CBD is butter. Fats and oils also tend to overpower the taste of the CBD oil itself, which helps prevent any aftertaste. Ghee, Coconut Oil, and Lard are just as efficient as butter for infusion and are a great alternative for those who prefer not to, or cannot, use butter.

But Most Importantly......

Have fun and get creative! Cooking is an enjoyable, relaxing hobby......and even a passion for some. Cooking with CBD should be no different. Just like learning any new recipe, there will be trial and error until you get it just right. Thanks to high-quality products like ours, and tons of enthusiastic chefs: Everything you need to begin cooking With CBD is right at your fingertips!



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