How Are CBD Gummies Made?

by Nathan Mackowiak on December 04, 2020

CBD Gummies

The most important ingredient in CBD gummies is CBD extract. CBD naturally occurs within the cannabis and hemp plants. CBD can be used in a number of different products, but one of the most popular are CBD gummies! The grand majority of CBD products use extracts made from hemp plants for the product to remain legal. However, some CBD products have been extracted from cannabis plants too. Depending on the legality of marijuanna in your location, the plant used in the CBD extract could vary. 


What Kind of CBD Oil is Used in CBD Gummies?

Most people tend to use the term CBD oil interchangeably, when in fact, there are three different types of  CBD oil, based off of how the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. There is Full Spectrum CBD oil, Broad Spectrum CBD oil and Pure CBD oil which can also be broken down and crystalized into powder.

Full Spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum CBD extracts contain CBD (cannabinol) , but they also contain a host of other cannabinoids and terpenes that occur naturally in the hemp and cannabis plants. These additional cannabinoids and terpenes can be very beneficial for some users. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad-spectrum CBD extracts contain a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant but typically contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Pure CBD Oil

Pure CBD Extract, commonly known as CBD Isolate, is a crystalline solid or powder comprising pure CBD. 

Infused vs Coated

Gummies that are infused with CBD are typically more potent than those coated with CBD due to the fact that your body will receive a guaranteed amount of CBD.  Products that are coated with CBD are likely to loose their CBD content over time but are equally as beneficial to you as those infused. Just remember when taking CBD, only about 20 - 30%  of the cannabinoids will be processed after traveling through tour digestive tract. 

Can I Make CBD Gummies at Home?

CBD gummies are made in a similar way to how non CBD gummies are made. The key difference is that CBD extracts are infused into the gelatin or fruit pectin before production takes place. Just because CBD gummies get mass produced doesn’t mean that you can’t try making them at home for yourself! There are many CBD gummy recipes online, and you don’t need any special cooking equipment to make them. If you’re vegan, you will want to avoid gelatin and use a vegan fruit pectin as the thickener. 



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