How Do I Store My CBD Oil?

by Summer Kucky on December 01, 2019

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How to Store CBD Oil: Our Guide

Storing CBD oil is something that should be considered before purchasing CBD products, especially if you're planning on buying enough for the year. Read more.



No, or Very Little Sunlight Exposure

UV rays may alter the compounds of CBD oil. This is why you'll often find the bottles and packaging of CBD oil to be a darker or tinted hue. This is not only for style and aesthetic purposes, it's for preservation of the CBD oil inside as well. This is a similar concept to the tint on your car's windows. Tinting helps to reduce heat and UV exposure as your drive throughout your area. The tinting on CBD oil bottles and tinctures helps reduce UV exposure and heat, but it's ultimately best to store your CBD oil in a cooler, darker environment with little to no sun exposure.


A Clean Environment

Most CBD oil bottles and tinctures tend to have a tight seal, yet once opened, there's always an increased vulnerability of absorption of smells, bacteria, dust, etc... For this reason, it's important you keep your CBD oil bottle in a clean environment to prevent cross-contamination.


Choosing Experience CBD for CBD Oil

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