How to Properly Dab Delta-8 Wax

by Hunter Stevenson on April 09, 2021

Experience Delta 8 THC Dab Wax - How to Use

So you're excited to try out our new Experience Delta-8 wax, but you aren't exactly sure what supplies you'll need or how to use it. Not to worry, we heated up a rig ourselves and sampled our Orange Creamsicle Delta-8 wax so that we could walk you through the process.

Choosing a Rig

A rig is the container/glassware you'll be using to inhale vapor. They are similar in appearance to a water pipe, and are an essential purchase when getting into concentrates. Smaller rigs are typically preferred, as they often preserve the flavor and scent profiles of the terpenes present in the wax. There are other smaller, more portable alternatives as well such as glass "Dab Straws". On the end of the rig is where you'll find the dab nail or "banger". This Is a small bowl shaped piece usually made of quartz or metal, which is then heated with a blowtorch or similar device. The concentrate is then placed on the surface of the nail where it is turned into vapor and inhaled. The dab is moved from the jar to the nail using a Dab Tool. This is a thin, flat piece of metal usually about the length of an ink pen or toothbrush. As far as heating the nail, you'll want to use a butane based torch. These are convenient, easily refillable, and readily available. Most cooking torches work well for this set up as well! (In case you want Creme Brûlée and Delta-8 in the same night)

The Right Concentrate for You

So why dab your Delta-8? Dabbing concentrates allow the user a highly concentrated, and very controllable, dose of Delta-8 THC. A similarly concentrated dose of Delta-9 THC found in cannabis may be accompanied by an impairing high and anxiety like symptoms. With Delta-8 THC however, users typically find a more functional high unaccompanied by anxiety.

Keep it Tidy

Keeping your dab rig clean is very important to maintaining an enjoyable experience. The terpene profiles in our 1800mg Wax jars taste and smell amazing (Seriously, the orange creamsicle tasted more like desert than dab wax), but leftover oil from an unclean dab nail can give your dabs an unpleasant waxy taste. So to make sure every dab is as tasty as the last, we recommend keeping some cotton swabs handy to clean your cooled-off rig with after each session. 

In conclusion

A typical set-up complete with a torch will normally run you close to $100, with the torch usually being the most expensive investment. All of the supplies mentioned above are readily available in smoke shops all over the country (such as Blue Smoke in Myrtle Beach, SC). And for all your Delta-8 needs you can just head right over to our homepage!


Ourselves (For experiential learning, we went through the process)!

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