Summertime CBD Storage: Do's and Dont's

by Hunter Stevenson on May 12, 2021

Experience CBD Edibles

I live close to the coast, where we are accustom to very hot & humid summers. But even as a seasoned coastal resident, I still manage to ruin at least three things every summer by leaving them in my hot car, or out on a ledge in sunlight by mistake. Most CBD and Delta-8 edibles come in a form that is broken down by heat (Such as Gummies & Chocolate). So, how can I store my favorite products so that they aren't compromised? It's pretty simple, so we'll break it down.

Moisture & Humidity

The Carolinas are known for extreme humidity. With humidity, comes moisture. Moisture can lead to buildups of mold and mildew, and your CBD/Delta-8 products ARE at risk of mold contamination. However, this can be very easily mitigated by always ensuring your products are completely sealed back in the packaging/jar after use, as well as keeping them in a dry, cool environment.

(Do Not) Let There Be Light

Absorbing direct light can cause cannabinoids to break down. So it is important to keep your products way from any windows, ledges, or counters that receive direct sunlight. Keeping them outside is pretty much out of the question for this reason.

Heat Management

Heat is the biggest threat to the condition of your CBD/Delta-8 Products (especially edibles!!). A jar of gummies left out in high temperatures will likely melt together into one large mass, making it impossible to get an accurate dose from that point on. In addition, these temperatures can cause the cannabinoids within the gummmies themselves to break down, making them less likely to provide the relief that you're use to. Luckily, there is a pretty easy way to combat this issue, even in the most extreme environments. A good ole fashioned Refrigerator. Keeping your CBD/Delta-8 products in your refrigerator will prevent the breakdown of cannabinoids due to heat & light, and also puts them at a much lower risk of developing mold. It's a good thing most of our edibles are the perfect size for most refrigerator doors :)


There are plenty of day to day items that we know not to leave outside/in a car during a hot day. Essentially, just treat your CBD products the same way you would other food items during the hot months, and you'll have nothing to fear!

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