The History of 420

by Hunter Stevenson on April 22, 2021
The History of 420

The Most Famous Number In Cannabis/Hemp Culture

Tuesday, 4/20, was a calendar holiday in the cannabis/hemp community, as it is every year. Smoke-shops began their big sales, Wiz Khalifa albums filled the speakers, and enthusiasts all over sparked up their favorite Cannabis & Hemp products to celebrate the big day: 4/20! But, why exactly is this a tradition and how did it start? We did a little research so that we could share our findings for any that may not know the story of 4/20.

The Origin

Once upon a time in a galaxy far....... Just kidding. It isn't that complicated. In 1973, Five high-schoolers from California began searching for a cannabis crop that had supposedly been abandoned in the forest by a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. The group would meet at 4:20 PM everyday near a statue in front of their school to search for the plants, and thus their codeword to meet up became "420". Giving birth to the term that would later become synonymous with cannabis and hemp use. 

How Did It Catch On?

This part is pretty cool. Around this time a legendary band was beginning to establish a strong following in this part of California. The name of that band is The Grateful Dead, and it just so happens that their following included these five would-be treasure hunters. The group often attended shows and mingled with the band and their fans, to such an extent that one of them even became a roadie for bassist Phil Lesh. That was all it took to spread like wildfire as 4:20 started to become known as the socially acceptable time to consume cannabis. So there you have it! If you had an awesome time on Tuesday, thank your local Dead Head.

Events And Celebrations

While many places all around the country (and globe) held a variety of different celebrations, 4/20 is beginning to evolve into something a little bit more conscious. With legalization efforts ramping up like never before, we are seeing 4/20 being used as a call for action in addition to celebration. Because of this, these celebrations often become focal points for discussions on cannabis legalization & reform. 

So What's The Plan For Next Year?

While it is always nice to enjoy 4/20 partaking in your favorite products with your friends, we can all do our part to provide a safer future for the cannabis/hemp industry. By participating in discussions within our communities and local governments about the regulation and decriminalization of cannabis and hemp products, we can give ourselves more reasons to celebrate next year.


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