What is the Most Effective Way to Ingest CBD?

by Nathan Mackowiak on April 07, 2021

There are a ton of different CBD products available on the market. There are CBD gummies, CBD beverages, CBD oils, CBD vape products, CBD creams, and many more. With the heavy saturation of the CBD market you may be confused about the most effective way to ingest your CBD. The end goal is for your CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream. This is how you activate the potential benefits that CBD can provide.

But what is the most effective method of ingestion? The most popular way to take CBD is orally. This includes eating CBD infused treats, adding CBD oil or honey to beverages, and taking CBD oil orally. However, oral ingestion may not be the most effective, at least most kinds of oral ingestion. If you want to learn more about the most effective method of CBD ingestion keep reading. 

Digestion is Slow

The end goal for your CBD is the bloodstream remember? In order for CBD to be absorbed by your bloodstream, it first has to pass through your digestive system. It will be broken down in the stomach and again in the liver before the CBD is finally absorbed into your bloodstream. This means that eating or drinking CBD products will result in a delayed absorption. Additionally, you may have to ingest larger amounts in this method if you want to get the full amount of CBD you intend to take. 

If CBD takes so long to digest and enter the bloodstream, why is oral ingestion the most popular method?

Put it Under Your Tongue

The most effective way to absorb CBD quickly into your bloodstream is to drop CBD oil under your tongue and leave it there for 60 to 90 seconds. The CBD is allowed to pass through the mouth’s mucous membrane directly into your bloodstream. If you want to get the most potential out of your CBD, the best way to go about ingesting it is under your tongue. 

Other Methods

Vaping CBD is another way for CBD to quickly reach the bloodstream. In fact, this method actually is quicker than under the tongue. However, many people don’t like to smoke or vape, and this method could lead to irritation and coughing. Unless you like to vape, we recommend putting CBD oil directly under your tongue for the quickest absorption. 

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