Does CBD Expire?

by Summer Kucky on December 01, 2020

Many people that do not use CBD regularly will often ask, "when do CBD products expire?” Well, there is no definite answer because the shelf life varies from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer. In this blog, we will discuss the expected shelf life of different products we offer at Experience CBD, as, well as how we recommend you should store your CBD products.


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

When kept under the right conditions, CBD oil can have a shelf life of up to 2 years.  Direct sunlight and intense heat are two factors that may cause a bottle of CBD oil to go bad before its expiration date. Over all, a general rule of thumb is that your CBD oils should last between 14 months and 2 years. 

To help prevent premature expiration, we recommend storing your CBD oil\ in a cool, dark room, out of direct sunlight.  Drawers, cabinets, and pantries, all make ideal CBD storage centers. It is also worth noting that pure CBD oil may last longer than flavored CBD oils  since any added ingredients have a shelf life of their own that could be shorter than the shelf life of the CBD.


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles have a similar shelf life to food. For example, our CBD Infused Chocolate Bar has the same shelf life as a regular chocolate bar you buy at the store. All of our CBD edibles already have an expiration date listed on the packaging; however, if you cannot find the original expiration date, you can expect your edibles to last between 6 months to a year. Similar to CBD oil, there are ways that you can prolong the shelf life of CBD edibles. For example, we recommend keeping CBD gummies in the fridge to extend their shelf life. 


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Topicals & CBD Creams?

CBD topicals also share a similar shelf life with their non-CBD topicals. Typically, hand lotions and creams can last between one and three years before any sign of deterioration.  We recommend that you check your CBD topicals every few months for color distortion or changes in consistency. If so, this usually means it is time for a new product.


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