What is the Shelf Life of CBD Products?

by Experience CBD on July 11, 2019


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Products?: Our Guide

The shelf life of CBD products varies from product to product we offer here at Experience CBD, yet we're going to dive into the unique shelf life of each type of product we offer. Read on to learn more about the benefits of CBD and the expected shelf life for each typos product we offer. Enjoy!


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

CBD oil itself is quite stable on the shelf. As long as you avoid extreme heat, extreme cold, and exposure to light for prolonged periods of time; your CBD oil will find itself content for about a year's time. After you reach the year point, you'll want to consider buying a new bottle of our CBD oil. Freshness and quality is within all of the products we offer and with said freshness and quality, you'll find it's best to consume the products we offer within a specified period of recommended time.


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles have a shelf life which mirrors the product type. What this means is take for example CBD edible cookies. While yes, the cookies may not expire for a couple of months, once opened you'll want to consume within 5-7 days. This timeframe mirrors that of a traditional cookie as well. As long as you follow the label's instructions regarding the associated expiration dates, you'll be a-okay.


What is the Shelf Life of CBD Lotions & Creams?

The shelf life of CBD lotions and creams is similar to the CBD edibles as well. CBD lotions and creams are typically good for a year or so at the maximum level. Afterwards, they'll most likely start to lose some of their qualities they're known for. It's best to refresh and restock your CBD lotions and creams annually so you know they're fresh, new, and ready to help you through natural means.


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